Today’s challenge suggests varying needs for electricity utilized in domestic, commercial and industrial requirements. In the Philippines, electricity is one of the costliest utilities that most are forced to avail for their daily lives.

This is the reason why Hamilton Philippines Incorporated has assumed a challenging step of introducing the use of solar electricity for the most convenient use of even in the most modest Filipino household.

Hamilton Philippines Inc. strengthened its distribution capabilities on Smiley Solar products that provide solar electricity solutions. These products include solar led lamp with cell phone charger, solar portable generator, solar panel, inverter, charge controller, solar street lights, and solar water pump amongst others.

Hamilton Philippines Inc. targets local government units especially in rural areas as they can minimize the hassle of rotational black outs, household units, Small to medium enterprises and even large industries can benefit as return on investment can easily be attained in three to five years time. The company introduces the high reliability and dependability one can get from Photovoltaic energy solutions.

Solutions to modern energy problems!